Introduction to CryptoHack

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This starter course gets you up and running with CryptoHack. You'll learn to encode and decode data types that are commonly used in cryptography. Then you'll get comfortable with the XOR operation which is at the centre of symmetric cryptography. Finally, the course ends with some fun XOR puzzles to test what you've learned.

CryptoHack is free to play and browse. If you need help or want to find out more details about the site, please first read the FAQ. If you want to interact with the community, check out the Discord chat linked on the sidebar.

61597 Players Solving
18322 Players Completed
110 Points to Earn


Introduction - Challenges Finding Flags 2
Introduction - Challenges Great Snakes 3
General - Encoding ASCII 5
General - Encoding Hex 5
General - Encoding Base64 10
General - Encoding Bytes and Big Integers 10
General - XOR XOR Starter 10
General - XOR XOR Properties 15
General - XOR Favourite byte 20
General - XOR You either know, XOR you don't 30

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