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A fun free platform for learning modern cryptography

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Break Crypto

Get your hands dirty and learn about modern cryptographic protocols by solving a series of interactive puzzles and challenges.

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Earn points by solving challenges. Finish categories to earn trophies and gain levels to track your progress. Can you reach the top of the scoreboard?

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Fresh Challenges

We are constantly creating new challenges to keep your crypto knowledge up to date. Expect exciting brainteasers and whole new categories as the site continues to grow.

New Challenges
JSON in JSON Crypto on the Web 40
Oh SNAP Block Ciphers 120
L-Win Misc 120
Bruce Schneier's Password: Part 2 Misc 250
Bruce Schneier's Password Misc 100
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#1 Malesio 1885
#2 m3ltus 1510
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#4 midas 1390
#5 artf7 1315
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Hex yampa
Diffie-Hellman Starter 5 BulletFarmer
ASCII yampa
Network Attacks ElectroZone
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Cyber Apocalypse Global CTF 2021 Play

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