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A fun platform for learning modern cryptography

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Break Crypto

Get your hands dirty and learn about modern cryptographic protocols by solving a series of interactive puzzles and challenges.

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Earn points by solving challenges. Finish categories to earn trophies and gain levels to track your progress. Can you reach the top of the scoreboard?

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Fresh Challenges

We are constantly creating new challenges to keep your crypto knowledge up to date. Expect exciting brainteasers and whole new categories as the site continues to grow.

New Challenges
Transparency General 50
Let's Decrypt Again RSA 175
Twin Keys Misc 100
Invariant Misc 250
No Difference Misc 175
Weekly Top Users
#1 corsage 3825
#2 Killbit 1500
#3 m0r4d0 1340
#4 donjar 1300
#5 yczhang 1205
Recent Solves
Diffie-Hellman Starter 2 vehoja
Modulus Inutilis snarkysnaut
Inferius Prime h3ll0w0rld
Favourite byte vehoja
Bytes and Big Integers vehoja
Recent Solutions
Transparency EvaUnit02 0
Flipping Cookie nullablevoidptr 0
Favourite byte glasgow 0
ECB Oracle nullablevoidptr 0
Null or Never happyhappy 0

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