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Solved Challenges

General Transparency 50
General CERTainly not 30
General Privacy-Enhanced Mail? 25
Crypto on the Web JSON in JSON 40
Crypto on the Web RSA or HMAC? 35
Crypto on the Web JWT Secrets 25
Crypto on the Web No Way JOSE 20
Crypto on the Web JWT Sessions 10
Crypto on the Web Token Appreciation 5
Block Ciphers Bringing It All Together 50
Block Ciphers Diffusion through Permutation 30
Block Ciphers Confusion through Substitution 25
Block Ciphers Round Keys 20
Block Ciphers Structure of AES 15
Block Ciphers Resisting Bruteforce 10
Block Ciphers Keyed Permutations 5
Mathematics Quadratic Residues 25
General Modular Inverting 25
General Modular Arithmetic 2 20
General Modular Arithmetic 1 20
General Extended GCD 20
General Greatest Common Divisor 15
General Lemur XOR 40
General You either know, XOR you don't 30
General Favourite byte 20
General XOR Properties 15
General XOR Starter 10
General Encoding Challenge 40
General Bytes and Big Integers 10
General Base64 10
General Hex 5
General ASCII 5
Introduction Network Attacks 5
Introduction Great Snakes 3
Introduction Finding Flags 2

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