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Solved Challenges

Crypto on the Web Saying Hello 20
Crypto on the Web TLS Handshake 15
Crypto on the Web Sharks on the Wire 10
Crypto on the Web Secure Protocols 5
Mathematics Roll your Own 125
Diffie-Hellman The Matrix Revolutions 125
Diffie-Hellman The Matrix Reloaded 100
Diffie-Hellman The Matrix 75
General CERTainly not 30
General Privacy-Enhanced Mail? 25
Misc Bruce Schneier's Password: Part 2 250
Misc Bruce Schneier's Password 100
Mathematics Cofactor Cofantasy 150
Hash Functions Jack's Birthday Confusion 30
Hash Functions Jack's Birthday Hash 20
Crypto on the Web No Way JOSE 20
Crypto on the Web JWT Sessions 10
Crypto on the Web Token Appreciation 5
RSA Monoprime 30
Misc Trust Games 150
Hash Functions No Difference 175
Hash Functions Twin Keys 100
General Transparency 50
Elliptic Curves Edwards Goes Degenerate 100
RSA Let's Decrypt Again 175
Hash Functions Invariant 250
Mathematics Prime and Prejudice 200
RSA Let's Decrypt 80
Hash Functions PriMeD5 100
Mathematics Ellipse Curve Cryptography 125
Elliptic Curves No Random, No Bias 120
Elliptic Curves Moving Problems 150

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