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Solved Challenges

Mathematics Gram Schmidt 30
Mathematics Find the Lattice 100
Mathematics Gaussian Reduction 50
Mathematics What's a Lattice? 40
Mathematics Size and Basis 15
Mathematics Vectors 10
Block Ciphers Forbidden Fruit 150
Block Ciphers Paper Plane 120
Block Ciphers CTRIME 70
Block Ciphers Stream of Consciousness 80
Block Ciphers Bean Counter 60
Block Ciphers Symmetry 50
Block Ciphers Lazy CBC 60
Block Ciphers Flipping Cookie 60
Block Ciphers ECB CBC WTF 55
Block Ciphers ECB Oracle 60
Block Ciphers Passwords as Keys 50
Block Ciphers Block Cipher Mode Starter 15
Block Ciphers Bringing It All Together 50
Block Ciphers Diffusion through Permutation 30
Block Ciphers Confusion through Substitution 25
Block Ciphers Round Keys 20
Block Ciphers Structure of AES 15
Block Ciphers Resisting Bruteforce 10
Block Ciphers Keyed Permutations 5
Mathematics Successive Powers 60
Mathematics Chinese Remainder Theorem 40
Mathematics Modular Square Root 35
Mathematics Legendre Symbol 35
Mathematics Quadratic Residues 25
Misc Lo-Hi Card Game 120
Misc Too Many Errors 100
Misc Gotta Go Fast 40
Misc No Leaks 100
General Hex 5
General ASCII 5
Introduction Network Attacks 5
Introduction Great Snakes 3
Introduction Finding Flags 2

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